Handmade Turquoise Rings by Hileman Silver Jewelry

Turquoise Wedding and Engagement Rings

Turquoise Wedding and engagement rings

Here are some photos of our most popular turquoise wedding rings and turquoise engagement rings.  These rings feature a variety of turquoise colors from various mining areas in the Southwest United States and China.  One of our favorite stones is the spiderweb turquoise from Kingman Arizona.  This Kingman spiderweb turquoise has a very tight black spiderweb matrix on a bright blue field.  Our second favorite turquoise is also from Kingman Arizona and is a little darker blue and has a faint birdseye pattern.  The birdseye turquoise is very hard and takes a great polish making it a perfect choice for a turquoise wedding ring.  Most of the rings shown here can be inlaid with any of the turquoise you see on our website, ranging from plain blues to spiderweb patterns.  All of our turquoise rings are made to order in your ring size in 4 to 6 weeks.

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