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Turquoise engagement rings, wedding rings and jewelry by Hileman Silver Jewelry.

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Hileman Silver Jewelry is a small family business focused on creating turquoise engagement rings, turquoise wedding rings and quality handmade jewelry at an affordable price.  All of our jewelry is created in our Phoenix, Arizona jewelry studio by the Hileman family.  Mark Hileman started making jewelry in 1974 and his son John joined the business about 27 years ago.  Hileman Silver Jewelry is committed to complete customer satisfaction in both the jewelry we create and our customer care during and after the purchase of your jewelry.   

Mark Hileman


Mark McBride Hileman graduated from the Texas Tech University College of Architecture in 1970.  During his college years and in the years following, various galleries represented his sculptures and paintings.  Mark opened his own architectural office in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1974 and that same year began making jewelry as another creative outlet.  Soon his jewelry was showcased in galleries and jewelry stores including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, and his time was split between architectural projects and jewelry design.  The sculptural shapes and use of vibrant inlay colors in his jewelry designs are an expansion and blending of his diverse artistic backgrounds.  Although Mark's jewelry designs have evolved, his jewelry design philosophy has remained constant- simplicity.  Mark is always searching for what is essential and beautiful, whether that be geometrical shapes or flowing curves.

Over the last 43 years Mark has inlaid every stone imaginable but is best known for his remarkable 14 karat gold and Australian opal inlay jewelry.  In the mid 1980's, Mark pioneered the art of inlaying Australian opal and his opal jewelry can be found in jewelry stores, upscale galleries and department stores across the US.  As economic conditions declined around 2008, Mark launched his sterling silver jewelry line to give customers the opportunity to own a piece of unique handmade jewelry at an affordable price.  Hileman Silver Jewelry is known for its simple but bold handcrafted jewelry designs and the use of colorful inlay materials and gemstones.  Our top quality inlay materials include dinosaur bone, turquoise, Australian opal and sugilite to name a few.  Hileman sterling silver turquoise engagement rings and wedding rings have become a customer favorite with hundreds of happy customers choosing to wear a Hileman turquoise wedding ring or engagement ring as a symbol of their love and commitment.  All of our jewelry is handmade by Mark and John Hileman in our jewelry studio in Phoenix, Arizona.  Mark's son John has been involved in the jewelry business for over 27 years.

Mark Hileman, owner of Hileman Silver Jewelry.

Turquoise Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

John Hileman, manager at Hileman Silver Jewelry.

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Hileman turquoise engagement rings and wedding rings are available with turquoise inlay colors ranging from light blue to greens.  The turquoise you see in our wedding rings and wedding ring sets is either plain blue or has a spiderweb pattern or sometimes a subtle birdseye pattern.  Some of the most highly sought after and valuable turquoise in the world is spiderweb turquoise from the Southwest United States. The turquoise we inlay in our wedding rings comes from some of these mines in the Southwest with a small amount coming from the best mines in China.  Many of the mines that produce the best turquoise are either mined out or are producing a limited amount, making the top quality turquoise inlay in our wedding rings a rare treasure.  All of our turquoise wedding ring and engagement ring designs are available in sterling silver, Continuum silver and 14 karat gold (white and yellow).

Turquoise Wedding and Engagement Rings