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Custom Turquoise Ring Design

Custom rose gold turquoise engagement ring and turquoise wedding band
Topaz, diamond and turquoise ring in 14k

Custom Turquoise Ring Design

We get it, everyone has different tastes.  Sometimes you look through every jewelry website you can find and don't see exactly what you are looking for.  Maybe it's just a tweak here or there or maybe it's totally starting from scratch to make the perfect ring.  Whether it's your engagement ring, wedding band or a special treat for yourself, it's important to get the ring you want.  Mark welcomes the opportunity to work with clients to create a custom turquoise ring design that is uniquely you. He will listen to your needs, your likes and dislikes, work within your budget and guide you through the process of creating your new handmade work of art. Every custom inlay ring design exhibits Mark's 45 years of experience in jewelry design, material and gemstone expertise, and unsurpassed craftsmanship. Designing and building a custom turquoise ring requires a great deal of communication and time to ensure that client and jewelry artist are in agreement on every detail. Sketches or renderings, custom wax carving and procuring the perfect turquoise all take additional time and factor into the cost of your custom ring.

Semi-custom Design

If you are short on time or on a limited budget, a semi-custom turquoise ring is the perfect option.  You get involved in the design process of your ring by selecting the color and type of turquoise, as well as the arrangement of the inlay, to create a semi-custom turquoise ring just for you at no additional charge, assuming there are no upgrades. Mark will guide you through the customization process and advise you on what gemstones or turquoise is appropriate for your chosen casting style and if any of the stones selected might be an upgrade. You can also choose your metal for the ring mounting. Metal options include Continuum silver (tarnish resistant), 316L stainless steel, gold and platinum.  14 karat gold color options are rose, white and yellow.

Our turquoise rings are easily customized to our customer’s turquoise choices or inlay arrangement. Every ring style is a blank canvas for you to arrange the inlay in any combination of turquoise colors and types. Or maybe you want to add in some inlay materials other than turquoise such as lab opal, sugilite, lapis or onyx.  Most of the faceted gemstones used to accent the turquoise may be changed to suit your color preferences. Additional charges are only charged if the accent stones, center gemstone or the inlay material is an upgrade to a more expensive stone.

Whether you choose a semi-custom or custom turquoise ring design, you are sure to receive a well made ring tailored to your unique style.
Contact us for details on how to get started!

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