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turquoise engagement ring is a great choice for a non-traditional engagement ring.  Our turquoise engagement rings are handmade using only the finest materials and top notch craftsmanship in our Phoenix, Arizona jewelry studio.  We inlay our engagement rings with turquoise sourced from some of the best mines in the US and China.  The turquoise ranges from blues to greens, with and without spiderwebbing.  High quality spiderweb turquoise is some of the most sought after turquoise in the world.  The turquoise inlay in our rings is often accented by gemstones such as blue topaz, white sapphire, Moissanite and other gems in a variety shapes and sizes.  Our turquoise inlay rings are not mass produced.  Every engagement ring setting is made to order in your specified ring size with the turquoise colors of your choice in 4 to 6 weeks.  You can also choose to have your ring made in sterling silver, Continuum silver, 14 karat gold or platinum.  We will need your ring size to give you a price quote in gold or platinum.


You have selected your turquoise engagement ring, now you need to find a matching turquoise wedding band.  Look no further! We can create a wedding band to match your new turquoise engagement ring.  Prior to shipping your engagement ring we will photograph it to document the colors and arrangement of the inlay materials to make creating your matching turquoise wedding ring easier.  Ideally we would like to create the wedding band at the same time so we can cut the turquoise from the very same piece of stone but understand that is not always possible.

We can also create a matching man's turquoise wedding band if you are looking for a matching wedding set.  We have several widths and styles to choose from and can inlay the man's wedding ring with turquoise to match the engagement ring and woman's wedding band.  Our turquoise wedding rings are available in his and hers, hers and hers, and his and his ring combinations.  Please allow us 4 to 6 weeks to create your rings plus another week for shipment.

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