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Turquoise Pendants

Our turquoise pendants are designed to complement our turquoise rings.  If you have ordered one of our turquoise rings in the past, we can create a pendant with turquoise that matches the turquoise in your ring.  A pendant to match a turquoise engagement ring or wedding band is a great anniversary gift!  Our turquoise pendants are available in a variety of turquoise colors, with and without the spiderweb matrix.  We have turquoise inlay pendant designs from ranging from small everyday wear sizes up to large statement pieces.  All of our turquoise pendants are available in sterling silver, Continuum silver (tarnish resistant), and 14 karat gold (yellow, white and rose).  Prices shown are typically for the base sterling silver price with other metals being an upgrade.  Contact us for a price quote if the upgrade cost is not shown.  Chains are not included in the price unless specifically stated.

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