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All of Our Rings Are Available in Gold!

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Many customers stumble on to our turquoise ring website, see all the silver rings and don’t realize that we also make gold jewelry.  All of the sterling silver turquoise ring designs you see on our website, including our popular turquoise engagement rings and wedding rings, can be ordered in 14 karat gold.  Our upgrade color options are white gold, yellow gold and rose gold .  Because sterling silver is the softest of all the precious metals, we recommend that you upgrade to 14k gold for added durability if your budget allows.  Gold will hold up better for daily wear and will provide a more secure setting for your gemstones.  If your budget doesn’t allow for gold, you should consider upgrading from standard sterling silver to Continuum silver for some added durability and tarnish resistance.  Another great option is 316L stainless steel. It's both affordable and very durable. 316L stainless steel is surgical grade and is considered to be hypoallergenic. Because gold prices fluctuate and larger ring sizes require more gold, we don’t have prices for 14k gold upgrades shown on our website.  Contact us with your ring size and the style number of the ring you are interested in and we will give you a price to upgrade to white, yellow or rose gold. Heavier ring designs and larger ring sizes will be more. In times of extreme gold market volatility the price quote may only be good for a short time before we have to adjust it.  Here are some turquoise ring examples in 14k rose gold and 14k yellow gold.  You can see the turquoise looks great in either one.  #RoseGold #TurquoiseRings

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