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Our Favorite Turquoise Ring Set

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Turquoise and spiderweb turquoise rings are one of our most popular choices for wedding rings and wedding ring sets.  Our turquoise wedding ring sets are available in a variety of colors, with and without the spiderweb pattern.  Our most popular spiderweb turquoise wedding ring set is inlaid with spiderweb turquoise from Kingman, Arizona.  This turquoise has a very tight spiderweb pattern and the color of the blue ranges from light blue to a darker blue and lighter blue mix.  The colors and pattern of the turquoise varies from stone to stone and sometimes changes with every saw blade slice through the stone so you can expect some variation in this natural material.  These variations make your turquoise wedding ring set unique and virtually one of a kind.  The photo below is an example of our favorite turquoise ring set inlaid Kingman spiderweb turquoise in Continuum sterling silver.  The man’s wedding ring is 6mm wide and the woman’s ring is 4.5mm wide at the top.  Both rings taper slightly toward the bottom of the ring and are stamped .925 sterling silver and hand signed “MMH” on the inside. All of our turquoise rings are made to order in your ring size or sizes in 4 to 6 weeks. Because all of our rings are made to order it is possible for you to customize your ring by selecting the metal (silver, Continuum silver, stainless steel, gold or platinum), your inlay materials, and your accent gems if any. Some changes are upgrades so please get in touch with us prior to ordering to confirm the cost. Contact us today to get started on your new turquoise ring! #turquoiseringset #turquoiseweddingrings

Questions? Contact Mark or John at (623) 518-6588!

Turquoise wedding ring set handcrafted in sterling silver by Hileman.
Kingman spiderweb turquoise wedding ring set in sterling silver by Hileman.

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