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Hileman Silver Jewelry offers several metal upgrades for our standard sterling silver rings.  Sterling silver may tarnish over time and some customers prefer that look.  For those that want their rings to remain as bright and shiny as possible for as long as possible, we recommend upgrading to either Continuum silver, 316L stainless steel, 14k gold or platinum.  All of these options are also harder and more durable than standard sterling silver so if you are hard on your jewelry or just want the maximum life out of your ring, you will want to upgrade the metal.  The Continuum silver and stainless steel upgrade costs are a set price, with the cost to upgrade to gold or platinum varying depending on metal prices, the design you choose and your ring size.  Heavier designs and larger ring sizes will cost more.  We offer 14k gold upgrades in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.  We will need your ring size to give you an accurate price quote for the cost to upgrade to gold or platinum.  The decision to upgrade will need to be made at the time of ordering the ring.

I want to upgrade to gold or platinum and need a quote!

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