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Finding the Perfect Turquoise Bridal Set

What are you looking for in a turquoise bridal set? Maybe it's a specific color of turquoise or a specific shape for the center gemstone. Every bride has a picture of their dream engagement ring and wedding band in their head but sometimes finding your dream ring can be difficult. Things can be even more difficult if your dream engagement ring involves turquoise. Many typical jewelry stores don't even offer turquoise engagement rings and if they do, the selection is small and definitely not customizable. What if you found a jeweler that specializes in turquoise and offers a variety of ring styles, turquoise colors, center gemstone options and metals to choose from? If you are reading this you are one step closer to finding your perfect turquoise bridal set. At Hileman Silver Jewelry we specialize in turquoise and turquoise inlay rings. All of our ring designs can be inlaid with any of the turquoise you see on our website. You can choose from a variety of gemstones for the center stone of your turquoise engagement ring including traditional white stones like a diamond, white sapphire or Moissanite or something non-traditional like a blue topaz or blue sapphire. We have many stone shapes available from traditional round shapes to less traditional trillions. You can select the metal for the mounting to fit your budget. We offer budget friendly sterling silver as a starting point with an upgrade to tarnish resistant Continuum silver being a good value. Gold is an upgrade option and we offer 14 karat white, yellow and rose gold if you would like a more durable option than sterling silver. Platinum is also an option if your budget allows for this premium metal. Just let us know what customizations you are interested in and we will get back to you with a price quote for your dream ring!

Custom rose gold engagement ring with matching man's turquoise wedding band.
Custom rose gold engagement ring with matching man's turquoise wedding band.

If by chance you don't see any of our bridal ring sets that will work for you but appreciate the quality of our work, we would love to work with you to create a custom engagement ring or wedding band of your own design. Custom ring designs take a little longer to complete so please allow us 4 to 7 weeks to complete your custom design. Contact us to get started on your perfect turquoise bridal set today!

John Hileman

Hileman Silver Jewelry

(623) 518-6588

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